Truthful Heart School

Shoshin Ryu is a Japanese based system of Jujutsu that incorporates traditional methods of martial arts training while emphasizing strategies and techniques for dealing with real world self-defense today.

Safe Sport Act

The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 (the “Act”) was created in reaction to the abuse found at various youth sports organizations, including USA Gymnastics. The Act creates a new standard of care that affects youth serving organizations across the country. Mandatory reporting requirements and a requirement that covered sports organizations establish reasonable procedures to limit one-on-one interactions between an adult and participating minors without being in an observable and interruptible distance from another adult, are included in the new standard of care.

Shoshin Ryu  is committed to fostering a safe, fun, and healthy environment for all members. As part of its compliance efforts associated with the Act, Shoshin Ryu has updated its prevention policies and mandatory reporting requirements, including where, how and what to report in the event a concern were to ever arise.

Personal Journey

Shoshin Ryu gives each individual the opportunity to progress at their own pace. Through the opportunity to work with various students, one gains a variety of experiences. During the learning process, all students must attempt to keep an open mind. You can still begin training even if you are too old, too young, too overweight, too weak. Through your own personal efforts and training Shoshin Ryu your overall health will improve. Each journey must start with a first step.