Each year Shoshin Ryu practitioners gather to share knowledge, learn new skills, and connect. This area provides information related to upcoming Nationals events.

2024 Massachusetts

Date and Location

Be a part of Shoshin Ryu history and join us for the first Nationals to be hosted in Massachusetts!

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Registration closed!
June 26 to June 29, 2024
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
See it on Google MapsSports field and buildings of the University of Massachusetts campus

Registration - Closed!

Registration is now closed! If you have already registered and not yet paid in full, your balance is due NOW.

The National Seminar is available to all adult Shoshin Ryu students yellow belt rank and higher.

Please note that people under the age of 18 may attend by invitation only due to campus restrictions. If you are under 18 and want to attend, talk to your sensei or email the Nationals Team at .

Attendance Options

Dorm (Standard) - $850

This option covers meals and dorm stay for the length of the seminar. For meals, this option includes Wednesday dinner through Saturday dinner. Dorm check-in is Wednesday. Dorm check-out is Sunday.

Dorm (Early Arrival) - $950

This option includes the Standard stay plus Tuesday night in the dorm and all scheduled meals. For meals, this option includes Wednesday breakfast through Saturday dinner. Dorm check-in is Tuesday. Dorm check-out is Sunday.

Consider this option if you want an extra sightseeing day in the area or if you are a participant in the pre-seminar Board meetings.

Commuter - $580

This option covers only meals during the seminar, Wednesday dinner through Saturday dinner. Consider this money-saving option if you live in proximity to UMass.

When considering this option, keep in mind that the seminar days are long and an optional social hour is typical after each day of training. Ensure you can make time for a restful sleep!

Option Comparison
Dorm (Standard)
Wed, June 26
Wed Dinner - Sat Dinner
Dorm (Early Arrival)
Tues, June 25
Wed Breakfast - Sat Dinner
Wed Dinner - Sat Dinner

Payment Details

Registration closes on May 15th. Full attendance fees are due on this day.

Once registration has closed, the SR Nationals Team will contact you via email for your flight/arrival information.

As a participant, you have the following two fee payment schedules.

Full One-Time Payment

With this option you submit the full payment for your attendance option when you register.

As an example, you opt to register for Early Arrival. You select the "Pay Full Amount" store item and its Early Arrival "Lodging" option to pay in full ($950).

see item IN STORE
Deposit with Later Balance Payment

With this option you register with an initial deposit of $100 then pay the remaining balance of your attendance option before registration closes.

As an example, you opt to register for Early Arrival. You select and pay the "Deposit" store item ($100) in February. To pay the remaining $850 in May, you select and pay the "Balance" store item and its Early Arrival "Lodging" option. The balance payment completes the full cost of $950.


Getting There

For the 2024 Nationals, plan to fly into Bradley International Airport (BDL) to receive transport to and from the airport provided by local dojo member volunteers.

Arrival and Departure

Plan to arrive at BDL no later than 4pm on Wednesday to arrive in time to attend the formal bow-in and first training session held early Wednesday evening. You can arrive anytime on Tuesday if you register as an "early arrival."

Plan to depart on Sunday. If departing from BDL transportation to the airport will be provided. Meals on Sunday will not be provided.


For those driving to Nationals, free parking will be available on campus.

Lodging and Meals


Attendees who register for a dorm stay will occupy rooms on the UMass campus. The dorms will be “suite-like” apartments. Each apartment will include four single bedrooms with a desk and a dresser, two full bathrooms, and a shared living room/kitchen area.

Towels, a pillow, linens and bedding will be provided.

The dorms have coin laundry on-site. Coins and laundry detergent will be provided.


Meals will be provided at the university dining hall. Your registration option determines which meals are covered (see Registration above).

There is an included banquet held off-site at the end of the seminar on Saturday.

What To Pack

For training gear, bring: 1 or 2 gi tops, 2 gi bottoms, uniform belt, 4 T-shirts, undergarments, any bandages/braces you regularly train in, flip-flips, and a notebook to capture ideas.

Bring personal toiletries including shampoo, dental care, and soap.

Some snacks will be available at the seminar and from the UMass cafeteria. Bring any specific personal snacks, sport gels, and/or sports drinks you'll want during your stay.

Bring an outfit for the Saturday banquet (casual dress code).

Exploring the Area

For those planning self-guided sightseeing before or after the seminar, the following are some local-recommended spots to consider. In addition to everything there is to see in Western MA, Boston and its sights are about a 2 hour drive from UMass. Lots of trip possibilities!

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls

Popular visiting area with small shops and the Bridge of Flowers. (The website indicates that the Bridge may be closed in 2024.)

Mount Sugarloaf, Deerfield

A peak with an easy to hike trail that allows a great view over the majority of Western MA.

Downtown Amherst,

This downtown area is only a few minutes from UMass and includes the Emily Dickinson museum, nightlife, and a cookie shop (Insomnia Cookies) that makes fresh cookies until 3am.

Downtown Northampton,

A downtown area with shopping and food destinations which feels a bit like downtown Wilmington, NC.

Lake Wallace Sensory Trail, near Belchertown

A relatively new trail designed to provide a grounding nature experience.

Quabbin Reservoir, near Belchertown

A conservation area and historic site where four towns were flooded to provide a water supply to the greater Boston area.

Springfield Armory Historic Site, Springfield

A cool place to see Springfield weapons and their contributions to US war efforts.


If you have any questions, email the Shoshin Ryu Nationals Team at .